VideoVelocity – Time-lapse Recorder

VideoVelocity – Time-lapse Recorder

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VideoVelocity - Time-lapse Recorder
VideoVelocity is simple to use & powerful time-lapse and live video recording software for the pro and novice alike. HD quality, fine-grain control, reliability, scheduling & great UI built in. Supports webcams, capture cards, DSLRs, IP network cameras, screen capture and still image and video file conversion. Comes with unique time-lapse capture features such as brightness normalization, long term capture optimizations, scheduling. Create slideshow videos from picture files or video files. Supports JPEG, PNG, RAW, NEF, MP4, WMV, AVI and more. Capture from Nikon DSLR cameras and from virtually any webcam or IP camera. Use it for professional capture, for fun or security. It has a million uses and it just works.

Not to be confused with stop motion animation, time-lapse is a technique where video frames or pictures are viewed in low-frequency sequences. This means that when played at normal speed, the time appears to be lapsing and fast-forwarding.

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Portable VideoVelocity is a user-friendly piece of software that aims to provide you with all the necessary tools for creating beautiful time-lapses.

Before anything else, you should know that, as its name suggests, the application is portable. This means that not only can you take it with you on portable devices and run it from any available computer, but also that it does not leave any kind of trace on the computers you run it on.

Upon first launching the tool, you are met by a straightforward main window with a well-organized layout and a dark-themed interface. Since everything is so neatly organized, working with Portable VideoVelocity should not pose any problems even for the most inexperienced users out there.

Portable VideoVelocity provides you with the possibility to create your time-lapse projects from camera recordings or using photos and videos. The app makes it possible for you to use your webcam, DSLR, point-and-shoot or even IP camera to record the necessary videos.

Alternatively, you can load videos and images from your computer and customize almost every aspect of the time-lapse. Quite useful is the utility’s feature that makes it possible for you to manually trigger frame capture using your mouse or keyboard.

Now would be a good time to point out that the utility comes with support for the most common image and video formats, as well as for almost any kind of webcam or IP camera.

As far as advanced features go, you should be aware of the fact that the app can process 1080p and 4K videos, deflicker the time-lapse during conversions, perform frame fading and even record via schedules.

Last but not least, the app allows you to live broadcast and share time-lapses directly from the cloud with the help of its Teleport integration.

Taking all things into consideration, Portable VideoVelocity is a comprehensive software solution for creating time-lapse videos. The application is user-friendly, comes with lots of useful features and is also portable, which makes it very easy to carry around with you and to create time-lapses for any available computer.

This is a powerful screen recording software for time lapse recording. First of all, it gives you the ability to choose the recording region flexibly. For instance, you can capture the full screen or record part of screen.

Moreover, this Windows 10 timelapse recorder can schedule recording, which makes it possible to record short videos at certain intervals automatically. Then, you can merge those clips into a timelapse video. All you need to do is add a new task and set the start time as well as duration. After that, the recording task will begin and stop automatically. The auto split is also helpful for you, and the video will be split when the recording time reaches the preset time.

This is one of the best time lapse apps on Windows, and you can use this screen recorder on many occasions. For instance, you can capture the video with system sound or record the gameplay on different platforms. It’s compatible with various external devices like Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

For users who want to record instructional videos, it’s beneficial to draw signs and add marks to make the contents more comprehensible. If there is something of importance, a cursor with mouse effects will enable you to emphasize it.

If you want to use this recorder as timelapse video software, its schedule recording function is indispensable. You can record several short videos at intervals and put them together using some third-party video editing tools.

EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is featured by its simple and user-friendly interface and lightweight. You will get familiar with its functions very quickly, and even you never use a screen recorder before. You can record streaming video, audio, and even webcam with only a few simple steps.

This screen recording software supports scheduling recording to record some videos in succession and you can integrate them to make a timelapse video. It’s worth noting that, this recorder comes with a built-in video/audio trimming tool that can remove unnecessary clips for you.

OBS Studio is popular among users who like to make videos by recording videos and audio on their computers. This is an open-source time lapse software that can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you don’t need to worry about its compatibility.

Though its interface is relatively complex for novice users, if you get familiar with its functions and shortcuts, this program can meet most of your needs to record screens and stream live.

The easy-to-use configuration options allow you to customize your recordings freely to obtain exactly what you want to record using this time-lapse software which is open source.

Main Features:

  • Choose the recording region freely
  • Record desktop audio and audio from the microphone
  • The built-in video trimming tool is available
  • Record green screen Webcam
  • Record time-lapse from any webcamIP camera or DSLR4K still image quality,
  • 1080p video qualityBatch convert image or video files to time-lapse video in a snap.Live broadcast & cloud time-lapse recording with Teleport.
  • Built for reliable long-term time-lapse video capture.
  • Nikon & Canon DSLR support for best possible image quality.
  • In the “Task time” tab, specify a start time and select an end time.
  • In the “Recording setting” tab, select the recording area, choose the audio input, and specify other options. Then hit “OK”.
  • Support setting keyboard hotkeys
  • Show mouse cursor in the recording
  • Freely create snapshots of a video
  • Support scheduling the screen recording


Improved deflicker filter for ultra smooth time-lapse videos without any post processing. Removes flicker effect common to time-lapse videos. Added support for new Logitech C930 with full HD capture.

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