ReNovator for ReBirth

Developer’s Description

  1. ReNovator wraps the use of ModPacker: When you want to create your mod (.rbm file), ReNovator creates a temporary directory, copies all files there and runs ModPacker. Once ModPacker has finished packing the RBM, ReNovator removes the directory. You can keep using BMPS and WAV files — ReNovator does all the necessary conversion for ModPacker.Using ModPacker-names (“12500.jpg”, etc) or ReNovator-names (“303 Panel.jpg”) is treated transparently — use what you like — or any other filename. We believe it’s more convenient to use filenames that are descriptive.And if you have (for example) a library with drum samples, you won’t have to rename and copy them – just drag’n’drop the file on the corresponding drum in ReNovator. It will do everything necessary to create the RBM.In the image viewer, images can be resized so that they fit into its window – or do you prefer that image viewer’s size adapts to the image to be displayed? – You can do both! The file browser (right list) is a full clone of the explorer. You can also Copy/Paste and drag’n’drop with the explorer.

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