Loteria MexicaNA

Loteria MexicaNA

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Loteria MexicaNA

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Create and print your own traditional Mexican Loteria and Bingo games with Loteria Workshop. Features: Auto generates more than 500 unduplicated playing boards. Make custom playing boards. Print Loteria card. Include 54 images of the traditional loteria. Edit images to make new loteria cards. Especial filters and effects. Add text and borders Auto generate Bingo playing boards Print the Bingo numbers.

Loteria Mexicana online (Mexican bingo online), play against other players, get points claiming bonuses like: Chorro, Equis, Cuatro esquinas and Centro.

Play with your physical boards with gritón mode (Tap on magic wand).

Recomended: Screen 5″ or bigger.

To improve the degree of competition the player must claim bonuses and Loteria! by tapping on the bonus card after the needed cards are marked on the board.

Internet conection is required to play online mode.

*get Chorro with a vertical line of four cards.
*Play Free
*Up to 10 players per room
*Spanish and english Menus

Loteria cards are FIRST AND FOREMOST made for and used as a GAME. Not a divination system. Over time and on cards produced by the major suppliers (especially Don Clemente) the images have stayed more or less the same and in roughly the same order.

Order of the images means nothing. It’s not like the Fool’s Journey in Tarot. It’s a bingo game that we’re taking and re-purposing as a divination tool. The printers don’t care about non-game use.

As Loteria became an established part of Mexican culture and more popular other producers made various versions of Loteria cards with certain themes. Look at the collections in the link below (and posted elsewhere in the group) and you’ll see some for children with Looney Toon or Disney characters. Serious artists also take the Loteria game and make their own cards with their own numbering to reflect their own artistic vision and take on Mexican culture. Look at Teresa Villegas’ Loteria as a well know, very well done, example of an artist’s Loteria.

The decks we are using in our facebook group are the STANDARD Loteria deck often called a Don Clemente loteria. It will have the standard images and a standard order (although the order doesn’t matter in the least!) These decks are the most widely known, most widely available. Even my fancy La Nueva Loteria uses the same images, same numbering. If you order a loteria game it’s most likely the one we’re using unless it mentions a specific special theme. If you’re unsure show me the link to the deck and I’ll let you know.

All the information provided on this page is by Garth Tardy, WDA Teacher and Mentor.

Any and all definitions, translations, esoteric knowledge, material and discussions cannot be reproduced or modified in any way for commercial purposes. All material translated from the original language for use on this webpage as that produced by Garth Tardy solely belong to the owner. Use of this information for any reproduction, modification and sale are strictly prohibited

When you get that urge to play something that’s a little different, take a look at the free La Loteria Mexicana Bonus. It’s based on a traditional Mexican lottery game that adds more than just a touch of retro style to a solid online bingo formula. It has a number of cards to wager on and with items to draw and match just like a regular bingo for fun game does.

There are up to 6 randomly generated cards to play which means there’s plenty of winning chances available to players. These are all shown in a clear pay table that is viewed on the main play screen to keep a close eye on all of the wonderful prizes. Zitro Interactive designers have exquisitely recreated the 54 picture cards with the focus on being as authentic as possible. It’s like playing with a well-loved piece of Mexican history

As the game initially loads, just like most of Zitro’s games, it asks players if they wish to play with sound on or off. If you are someone that normally goes for the silent approach, we would urge you to keep it on a while for this game. It’s almost an education that’s too good to miss. If later you decide you’d prefer the peace and quiet, it can be turned off easily in the game settings.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, betting is simple to place from the game settings. It can be tailored for coin value and then an amount is wagered per lottery card. If more than one is in play, each additional card is multiplied to give a total bet. So for example, if the wager is set at 5 for one card, playing all 6 will make it a total bet of 30. The complete betting range is from 1 rising up to 120 at the high limit when all 6 cards are active. Just like with a bingo card, the lottery cards can be changed for new pictures on them, as little or as often as desired after each play.

For this lottery game, 54 picture cards are drawn and marked off against the pay table with beans! Players are given the opportunity to magnify any one of the cards and view a larger version of it in the centre of the screen. Just click on them at any time for a closer view. There’s never any fear of missing anything as the developers have included plenty of play hints of what might be close to winning to keep players informed. When the first 29 picture cards are drawn, if there’s a reasonable chance of making a win, an extra 10 picture cards can be played with a bet made on each one. This is where the sound comes in, as the announcer will speak the name of every card. It’s a great mini lesson in Mexican!

Besides the tasty payouts, with a possible 20,000 to play for, there is a really neat bonus game that has some high paying prizes to add to any other wins made. When it’s triggered, a Mariachi band will whisk you away in a combi van across Mexico to visit the best cantinas in the country. Pick a cantina and reveal a prize until the word ‘end’ is shown.

With just 1 to 10 credits to bet per bingo card, the free Buffalo bingo game has some nice cartoon animated graphics, in addition to some good winning prospects to take advantage of. Players deciding to play all four 3×5 cards could expect one of 15 rewards with a bingo prize of 25,000 for a 40 credit top end bet.

There are also 5 chances to match a bonus round with 3 great games to play. Game 3 is a pick and reveal, 2 is a game of luck to pick the right path to a prize bush, and game 3 is a stampede of wild buffalo that reveal prizes as they crash into rocks. These are high paying bonus rounds that can really boost the balance well. It’s a game we can recommend lassoing and trying out.

If a game has existed as long and has been as popular as the real Mexican Loteria, then this game has to be worth taking a shot at. Zitro Interactive have made it easy for us to play and not only does it look stylish on a big screen, but taking to mobile for play on iPhone, tablet or Android mixes old with the new as it brings retro to the small screen.

It’s a joy to play for free, and lucrative enough to play for real money. We enjoyed it because it felt special and allowed us a glimpse into part of a great countries culture to play along with. This might not be a game for everyone, but we hope it provides many years of enjoyment, just like the original Loteria.

“Creemos que estas instancias, que son las que dictan la justicia social, son fundamentalmente lo que nos ayuda como sociedad y ayuda a hombres y mujeres del campo, así como las comunidades indígenas”, Margarita González Saravia Calderón

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