Knightwood Three Point Resection Calculator

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Knightwood Three Point Resection CalculatorDeveloper’s Description

This free land surveying software is designed for use by land surveyors, engineers and archaeologists.This program carries out the calculation for a three point resection. This land surveying technique enables the position of a point (Eastings, Northings) to be found by observing angles at that point to three other points of known coordinates. The only limitation is that the three known points must not lie on a straight line but form a triangle. The point to be found can lie either inside or outside this triangle.A major advantage of this method is that no distance measurements are required so can be carried out using a basic theodolite.Just enter the Eastings and Northings of the Left, Middle and Right known points and the two angles measured at the unknown point (Left -> Middle, and Middle -> Right). The coordinates of the unknown point will then be calculated and displayed.

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