Fireburst Specialized Search Desktop

Fireburst Specialized Search Desktop

What Does Activation Key Mean?

An activation key is a code to register or activate a software application. It usually consists of letters and numbers with a dotted fundamental movement between sections. Newer models of software products eliminate the activation key as an authorization mechanism. With the development of cloud computing services, many types of software have been purchased online and used online on a subscription basis. It eliminates the need to use activation keys to authenticate users. An activation key is a by-product of the system where the user purchases the code and execution software for the application and downloads all of the code to their computer or device. New methods are rapidly replacing the traditional form of licensing.
Fireburst Specialized Search Desktop

Developer’s Description

Fireburst Specialized Search Desktop is a free programs that includes the specialized search engines in Fireburst Specialized Search. The difference is that this is a software program that displays the specialized search webpage. It is much faster than the average browser and made for Specialized Search, nothing else. Most results will open in your default browser. The specialized search engines are: Auction Search Search Auctions from sites like and Very useful if you like online auctions. Browser Addons: Search for addons for opera, Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Safari and Internet Explorer. Gaming: Search gaming sites such as angry birds and cartoon network. Very clean, appealing interface. Software Search: Search software from more than just and softpedia. Search many software sites to get what you want quickly. Reference Search: Search encyclopedias and dictionaries. Great for research. Sometimes Wikipedia tends to take many of the results. Recipe Search: Search the sites that Bing recipe search searches, but this one works!.Also has a better interface and includes cooking news. MP3: Search for MP3 formatted music files. Includes many music Web sites. Powered by Gigablast. Wine: Search sites about wine, tasting and wine selling companies. If you like wine, you will like it! Powered by Gigablast. Health: Search sites related to health, use it to diagnose and find info about all sorts of diseases and infections. Gardening: Search for seeds, plants, trees or shrubs for any vegetable or flower garden. Smooth, clean interface. E-books: Search for electronic books in a variety of formats. Code: Search for code in HTML5, CSS, Javascript and more.

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