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What Does Activation Key Mean?

An activation key is a code to register or activate a software application. It usually consists of letters and numbers with a dotted fundamental movement between sections. Newer models of software products eliminate the activation key as an authorization mechanism. With the development of cloud computing services, many types of software have been purchased online and used online on a subscription basis. It eliminates the need to use activation keys to authenticate users. An activation key is a by-product of the system where the user purchases the code and execution software for the application and downloads all of the code to their computer or device. New methods are rapidly replacing the traditional form of licensing.
File ItDeveloper’s Description

Educational program to help learn filing and sorting. On the first screen you need to choose a game to play by clicking one of the two large buttons. One is marked Sort Ascending and has arrows pointing upwards. This game is to sort a list of 10 words, numbers or phrases into order starting with the first one at the bottom and working up to the last entry at the top. For example in sorting the first 10 letters of the alphabet, the letter A would be placed at the bottom with B just above it and so on until the tenth entry J was at the top.The second button is marked Sort Descending and is the same as the above except that the order is reversed with the lowest at the top e.g. A in the example and the highest at the bottom, J. Click on one of these buttons to play.

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