Comic Book Manager

Comic Book Manager

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Comic Book Manager
This no-frills database application lets you easily keep track of your comic book collection. While its bland interface won’t wow you, Comic Book Manager is relatively simple to understand. Enter information using four screens: publisher, series, title, or issue. (Input data into the publisher and series areas first as the title and issue sections pull from them.) The title and issue sections can handle tons of information including price value, autographed date, condition, and character details, as well as colorer, inker, penciler, and writer. You also can import images of the comic’s cover. As you’d expect, you can search your database by publisher, title, or character, among other options. You can export and preview reports, but don’t expect to print as the print feature is disabled. Unfortunately, we experienced a few performance stalls during data input. After a few spins, however, we found Comic Book Manager easy to use and potentially a handy tool for avid collectors.

A good job description should include a company overview and job overview, as well as an explanation of the associated responsibilities, skills & qualifications, and work environment. Below are some general guidelines for writing each of these sections effectively.

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Providing an accurate, concise description of your business is a great way to attract the right employees. Think of this section as an advertisement for your company — why should prospective employees want to join your team?

Some useful things to include here are:

  • Core company values
  • Mission statement
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  • Business goals

In a few sentences, describe the purpose, importance, and fundamental qualities of the position being offered. No need to be too specific or comprehensive here — the idea is to provide a zoomed-out image of the role the applicant would be filling in your company.

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List in bulleted format the skills & qualifications that are not essential, but would make an applicant more eligible for the position being offered.

Describe the environment in which the applicant would be spending most of their time. In this description, include information about:

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Comics have always been highly prized items, both for their intrinsic visual qualities, but also for their value as collectibles. What’s more, with the advent of e-commerce, there has been an increased demand for tools that help collectors adequately manage their comic books catalogs. Comic Book Manager is one such utility allowing one to record all aspects of a given collection.

As with similar applications, the program works by allowing users the possibility to enter all the information on the available comic books. This is performed by going through multiple fields, including the issue, number and title of the comic, but also other details, such as the name of the publisher or the writers involved.

The interface has a basic library function, but it’s easier to simply open your files (CBR, CBZ, and PDF, among more pedestrian image formats) directly from your computer’s file explorer. The reading view makes it easy to find your page with thumbnails along the left side, and various fit modes along with a full screen view are handy in both button and hotkey flavors. The reader supports double-page views to best emulate comic reading, and a right-to-left mode for those who prefer manga to western-style comics.

The application is built around a tab-like interface that allows users to work on several entries at the same time. The available editable frames (dubbed ‘screens’) are: “Publisher”, “Series”, “Title”, “Issue”, “Character”, “Penciler”, “Colorer”, “Inker”, and “Writer”. As one can see, these categories cater to even the most demanding needs and cover most aspects related to managing comics collectibles.

Define wishlists and generate category-based reports

Each category can be customized to suit the peculiarities of the comics collection and certain items can even receive local multimedia files, such as cover images. With this application, users can even insert information related to the characters who make appearances in the issue, complete with their real name.

Where applicable, users can insert hyperlinks and wishlists can be created to keep track of new editions. Once recording is complete, one can generate detailed reports of selected entries; printing these items is possible and exporting the entire library to DBFs, TXTs, XMLs or Excel formats is also possible.

Summing up, Comic Book Manager is a simple, but practical tool for anyone involved in collecting comics and similar items.

Below is our comic book store manager job description. You can post it as-is to an online job board like ZipRecruiter, or download and customize it to match the unique aspects of your business. Keep in mind that adding a custom company overview and description of the work environment (outlined above) will help you draw in the right applicants.

This full-time position requires an individual with a unique set of talents. You will be responsible for all aspects of the daily operations of our store while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere that encourages your staff and patrons to talk about their favorite hobby – comic books! You will be building displays, placing orders, working with local businesses, and hiring your own staff. If you have a true love of comic books and the drive to run your own comic store, this job is right for you.


  • Maintaining inventory in an attractive and accessible manner
  • Hiring employees and providing training
  • Placing orders with vendors for new releases
  • Bargaining with clients to purchase pre-owned comics
  • Bookkeeping and depositing currency daily
  • Keeping the store neat and clean
  • Providing positive resolutions for any customer’s difficulties
  • Creating eye-catching window and in-store displays
  • Working with local media and movie theatres to create promotions
  • Extensive knowledge of all the major comic universes
  • A passion for the comic industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basic accounting and business skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Availability to work weekends and nights as needed
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2 years of college in business or entertainment
  • Knowledge of current pre-owned comics market
  • Experience working in a retail environment


In version 1.13, reports now have page headers; backup now checks free space on media used to determine segments

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